Biden mistakenly asks if the dead congresswoman is in the audience

At a White House hunger briefing on Wednesday, President Biden sought out former Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) for an audience.

“Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?” Biden looked at the crowd and expressed uncertainty about whether she planned to be there.

Walorsky He died in a car accident in early August.

He was one of four lawmakers to sponsor bipartisan legislation to hold the convention, a first in more than 50 years. Before inquiring about Walorski, Biden mentioned three others: Sens. Cory Booker (Dn.J.) and Mike Brown (R-Int.) and Rep. James B. McGovern (D-Mass.).

Asked later about Biden’s comments, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Walorski was “high” to Biden because he plans to visit his family on Friday at a signing ceremony for a bill to rename a veterans’ hospital.

In August following Walorski’s death, Biden and first lady Jill Biden issued a statement expressing their condolences, saying they “appreciated his partnership” in facilitating the conference on hunger.

Two of Walorski’s employees died in the crash in Indiana, along with another motorist.

Jean-Pierre, who fielded questions at a White House briefing, would not say outright that Biden had made a mistake or had forgotten Walorski’s death.

“The president named congressional champions on this issue and acknowledged their incredible work,” Jean-Pierre said. “She already had plans to welcome the congresswoman’s family to the White House on Friday. … It was top of her mind.”

Jean-Pierre was pressed on several other points about the episode, including by a reporter who said John Lennon was “high in his mind” but said he “didn’t look around” for the late Beatles member. Lennon was killed in 1980.

Jean-Pierre replied, as the reporter turned president and signed the bill for Lennon, “Then we can have this conversation.”

Later, Jean-Pierre said he wasn’t going to answer the repeated question differently.

“You all have opinions on how I’m going to answer that, but I’m going to answer the question the way he saw it,” he said, referring to Biden. “Again, she was at the top of his mind. He’s going to visit her family in two days to honor her and the work she’s done.

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