Capital attack team members urge DoJ to reconsider criminal charges against Trump | American Capital Attack

Members of the House committee investigating Donald Trump’s attempts to thwart the 2020 election defeat on Sunday called on the U.S. judiciary to reconsider the criminal allegations against the former president and warned that “the risk is still there”.

Their comments ahead of the panel’s second televised inquiry into the January 6, 2021 uprising and deadly capitalist attack will add further pressure to Attorney General Merrick Carland, who has angered some Democrats. So far no action has been taken Despite growing evidence of Trump’s guilt.

“There are some steps in this bizarre attempt to change the election, and I do not see evidence of a judicial inquiry,” said Adam Schiff, a Democratic congressional committee member. ABC’s This Week said.

“I want the judiciary to investigate a credible allegation of Donald Trump’s criminal activities.”

Schiff, who was prosecuted by Democrats in his first indictment of Trump in 2020, told a prime time television hearing Thursday. Attracted 20 million viewersA “sample” of the evidence collected by the team is provided.

During a daytime hearing on Monday, he said the panel would say that Joe Biden’s election fraud was stolen from him and how he used that lie to spread misinformation and that “Trump deliberately propagated his big lie.” His allies.

“Once the evidence is gathered by the judiciary, it will have to make a decision about whether the president’s guilt or someone else’s guilt can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by an arbitral tribunal,” Schiff said.

“But if there is credible evidence they should be investigated. I think it exists.”

Jamie Ruskin, another committee member of the Maryland Democratic Congress, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and reaffirmed his belief that Carland “knows what’s in danger.”

“One of the most suppressed conferences during the Trump administration was respected by politicians for the freedom of the law enforcement process,” Ruskin said.

“Attorney General Garland is my constituency, I did not beat my constituencies. [but] He knows, his staff knows, American lawyers know, here’s what.

“They are aware of its importance, but I think they are paying close attention to the historical precedent and the facts of this case.”

Raskin’s Thursday’s televised investigation “broke the sound barrier” but said “the danger is still out there because Americans need to pay more attention.”

“Many” Republican congressmen have apologized to Trump, and only Pennsylvania representative Scott Perry has been identified so far. He denied that he had done so.

Berries included one Congress Republican Meeting In the run-up to the January 6 attacks, the strategists devised a plan to prevent lawmakers from certifying Biden’s victory that day.

“Apologizing is a powerful demonstration of guilt, or at least the feeling that you might be in trouble,” Ruskin said.

“Everything we do is documented, and unlike the big lie, it’s based on nonsense. Everything we do is based on facts.

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