College Football Playoff Rankings: Michigan, TCU move into new top 25, USC moves up as four teams enter field

A shakeup in the College Football Playoff rankings was about to come with the rivalry week leading up to the release of the latest Top 25. That’s exactly what happened Tuesday night, as both Michigan and TCU entered USC’s four-team field. Georgia is ranked No. 1.

The overhaul came amid Michigan’s complete offensive-No. 2 Ohio State in the 2022 edition of The Game. The loss knocked the Buckeyes out of the top four, although they sit in the No. 5 spot and have the best chance to make the playoffs of any team not already in the projected field.

USC had long been expected to move into the top four this week if it passed its latest test, and it did (with flying colors) with a clean win at home against then-No. 15 Notre Dame. It was the second win against a ranked opponent for the Trojans, who are now Pac-12 Championship Game No. 11 wins against Utah, the first team from that conference to participate in the CFP in the past six seasons (2016). -17). Utah is the only team to beat USC this year, giving the Trojans a chance to overcome that negative data point head-to-head in the final week of the season.

The most notable tumble in this week’s rankings is LSU, which lost its third game of the season to a Texas A&M team that entered with just four wins. The Bayou Bengals fell nine spots to 14th in the hunt for a long-shot playoff berth. Clemson only dropped one spot after the loss to South Carolina, as it was the Tigers’ second loss of the season, but they let themselves down. Outside of an off-chance playoff bid. Meanwhile, GameCox moved up from the rankings to 19th on the back of defeating top-10 teams in back-to-back weeks for the first time in program history.

Here’s a look at the top 25 in the CFP rankings with additional analysis from upcoming bowl expert Jerry Palm.

College Football Playoff Rankings, November 29

  1. Georgia (12-0)
  2. Michigan (12-0)
  3. TCU (12-0)
  4. USC (11-1)
  5. Ohio State (11-1)
  6. Alabama (10-2)
  7. Tennessee (10-2)
  8. Penn State (10-2)
  9. Clemson (10-2)
  10. Kansas State (9-3)
  11. Utah (9-3)
  12. Washington (10-2)
  13. State of Florida (9-3)
  14. LSU (9-3)
  15. State of Oregon (9-3)
  16. Oregon (9-3)
  17. UCLA (9-3)
  18. Tulane (10-2)
  19. South Carolina (8-4)
  20. Texas (8-4)
  21. Our lady (8-4)
  22. UCF (9-3)
  23. North Carolina (9-3)
  24. Mississippi State (8-4)
  25. NC State (8-4)

Analysis by bowl expert Jerry Baum

Overall, there are no surprises in the CFP rankings. Which team no. 5 is the only question that needs to be answered. That’s important because if USC loses against Utah for a second straight Pac-12 title, the Trojans could be out of the CFP. Ohio State took their place.

Losses to LSU, Clemson and Oregon have absorbed much of the drama from the race for the CFP, as the top three undefeated teams — Georgia, Michigan, TCU — are in the playoff, win or lose. It’s a sign of how strong their performances have been this season from start to finish.

Although some question TCU, the no. See which team sits in the top 10. Kansas State is the Horned Frogs’ opponent in the Big 12 Championship Game. This shows the level of respect the CFP selection committee has for the Wildcats. And, of those three undefeated teams, TCU will play the higher-ranked team in its league title game.

Rankings are not only important for selecting CFP participants, as they often play a role in selecting teams for the New Year’s Six Games. Rankings can be used as a substitute for bowls that lose a conference champion to the CFP, and they also determine at-large berths.

For example, LSU, Georgia’s opponent in the SEC Championship Game, was beaten by committee for losing to Texas A&M. The Tigers dropped all the way to 14th place and were out of contention for selection for the New Year’s Six Games. LSU’s only chance now is to win the Sugar Bowl. Had the Tigers beaten the Aggies, the SEC would have put four teams in the New Year’s Six.

Penn State is the most likely to leave LSU. The Nittany Lions now sit at No. 8 and are in good position to play in the Cotton Bowl.

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