Dartmouth eliminates debts for undergraduate students

Dortmouth College removes all federal and institutional debt from its undergraduate financial aid awards and replaces it with expanded scholarships starting this summer, the school’s president said.

Currently, Dortmouth undergraduates receive on-demand assistance without the necessary credit component from families with an annual income of $ 125,000 or less.

Dortmouth now eliminates the need for loans for undergraduate families with an annual income of more than $ 125,000 receiving need-based financial assistance. It will reduce the debt burden of hundreds of middle-income Dortmouth students and their families by an average of $ 22,000 over four years, the school said in a news release Monday.

President Philip Hanlan said the fundraising initiative, called The Call to Lead, launched in 2018, has deepened Dortmouth’s commitment to making college education accessible and affordable to highly confident and talented students from all over the world and from all economic backgrounds.

Dortmouth College will replace loans with expanded scholarships.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

More than 65 families have supported the campaign to remove debt needs from Dortmouth’s Bachelor Financial Awards, and have donated more than $ 80 million.

Dortmouth Ivy League agrees with Pierce Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University on loan-free policies, The Dartmouth newspaper Reported.

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