Dow Jones fall when Fed meeting begins; Elon Musk moves Twitter; Apple up in the middle of the MLS deal

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell again as the recent central bank meeting began. Tesla (DSLA) CEO Elon Musk is about to create a Twitter (TWTR) Move this week. Apple (APL) It emerged after signing a contract with Major League Soccer.


Meanwhile, three stocks are expecting inputs. Health Equity (Headquarters) When the point of purchase is checked Quanta Services (PWR) And Ramago Resources (METC) Form bullish bases.

Initial data showed lower levels in both the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, benchmark 10-year Treasury note revenue rose 10 basis points to 3.47%. West Texas Intermediate crude oil surrendered initial gains and fell more than 2% to trade above $ 118 a barrel.

Yields have been rising since the release of the Labor Department’s latest producer price index data. Manufacturer prices rose 0.8% in May after going up 0.5% in April Econode ratings. Producer inflation is up 10.8% year-on-year, slightly below the 11% estimate.

This comes as the Federal Reserve begins its latest two-day policy meeting on Tuesday. Contradictions to a three-quarter point rise in the Fed’s financial ratio have increased this week due to recent inflation data.

Nasdaq loses profits due to stock market splits

Nasdaq performed well on key codes. It was up 0.2% late. பிந்துவோடுவோ (PDD) Performed better with a 12% gain.

The S&P 500 closed lower at 0.4%. Pool (Pool) Was a major setback as it fell 5.2%.

S&P 500 The departments were mostly negative. Only technology and energy have advanced. Consumer food items and health care were very poor.

Small caps were bitten by bears, with Russell 2000 falling 0.4%.

However, growth stocks manage to feed the bears. Innovator IBD 50 ETF (FFTY), A Belvetere for growth stocks, increased the session by 0.8%.

Dow Jones Today: Apple shares gain amid MLS deal

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lags behind other key indices. This is about 150 points or 0.5% less.

Despite its small profit margins, Apple’s stock is one of the components that makes the best progress. It was up 0.7% at the end of the day.

It comes after the company announced a 10-year deal with Major League Soccer to broadcast matches on its streaming service. This is another move for the game after the company started streaming Major League Baseball games this year.

JPMorgan reiterated that the Apple stock was overweight, and that the company was optimistic about the prospects for the Apple TV +. The bank expects to generate revenue of about $ 4.8 billion by 2025.

But Boeing (B.A.The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 5.4% today. Procter & Gamble (B.G.) Fell far behind by 3.1%.

Elon Musk hosts the Twitter meeting

TWTR stock rose on Tuesday. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, which is trying to buy the social media company, is set to hold a meeting with Twitter employees on Thursday.

Strange administrator will answer pre-submitted employee questions at a virtual meeting on Thursday, According to CNN.

Uncertainty surrounds Musk’s $ 44 billion acquisition.

The Tesla chairman said the deal was “suspended” as he waited to find out about the number of bots and fake accounts on the social media site.

Twitter stock ended the day high, but still up 0.5%. It is rooted below its core moving average.

Tesla shares also surrendered some gains, but still closed up 2.4%. The former leaderboard stack now stands well away from it 50 day moving average.

TSLA is rooted far below its current Integration 1,208.10 entry, MarketSmith analysis shows.

The market is waiting for the big central bank price hike as yields continue to rise

Dow Jones Out: 3 shares eye inputs

Health Equity has gone above its buying limit Cup with short handle With initial entry at 66.23. The handle, however, does not meet the 5-day minimum in terms of length, while retaining the feeling of a final traction within the base. So, it might be 72.80 Best purchase pointOr 10 cents from the top left corner of the new cup.

The shares are moving away from their 50 day order. While the overall performance was good, the revenue was not excellent. It currently holds one EPS rating 99 to 60.

Health savings accounting firm EPS has been declining for the past several quarters, but is expected to rebound in fiscal year 2024, which ends in January of that year. Earnings per share of Wall Street is up 31% to $ 1.68.

After creating innovative forms, one or two stocks need to be added to one’s watch list.

Quanta Services has developed a cup-with-hand base with a buying point of 138.56. Shares found support in the 50-day line amid widespread weakness.

The relative strength line has reached new new heights, which is an encouraging sign. The company accelerates EPS and sales growth for three consecutive quarters. Its motivating action earned it a place Leaderboard tracking list on Tuesday.

Energy continues to be the hottest part and coal reserves have created a cup base with a potential buy point of 21.10 by Ramco Resources.

For the first time since April, the stock recovered from its 50-day high last week. The Coal Industry Group is currently sitting at the summit 197 IBD industry groups Based on six months of comparative performance.

Analysts said full-year profits rose 559% in 2022 to $ 5.93 per share. Big Money has been snapping stocks in recent weeks, According to MarketSmith data.

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