Eagles-Vikings final score: Jalen Hurts shines in Philadelphia win, 7 for 24

The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 after defeating the Minnesota Vikings in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. Final Score: 7 out of 24.

Entering the 2022 season, Jalen Hurts and Jonathan Cannon were viewed as the Eagles’ biggest question marks.

On Monday night, they were exclamation points.

Hurts progression is the biggest story coming out of this game. He was busy there. The third-year quarterback made several high-profile throws in tight windows. He bowled with great precision and touch. He made great decisions and looked gross. It was the most impressive passing performance of his career. Oh, and he’s great as a runner again. At the very least, it was a franchise quarterback performance. If he continues to play at this position, the Eagles could have an NFL MVP under center.

Cannon’s defenses aren’t perfect; One can find things to question (see: Hassan Reddick drops in coverage to set up Vikings touchdown). However, overall, the good outweighed the bad. Cannon had answers for Cousins ​​after being completely obliterated by any talented quarterback before. The Eagles limited Minnesota to seven points and came up with several turnovers. JG was under pressure to perform, and he found some redemption.

It was said to be a great victory for the Eagles. They moved to 2-0 with two wins against NFC opponents.

Road matchup against the Washington Commanders: They are undefeated in another big game in Week 3.

The Eagles’ first game against Carson Wentz after the Hurts traded the transfer guy.

Read back and stay tuned for BGN’s post-game coverage.

First quarter

  • Eagles target Devonta Smith on the first play went for a five-yard reception. Who would have guessed that the birds would try to contact him prematurely? Jalen Hurts rolls right and finds Dallas Goedert at first. Myles Sanders’ first carry went for 12 yards. The Hurts were tackled for no gain on 3rd and 9. On third down, the Hurts found Kenneth Cainwell short for a catch-and-run to move the chains … but the big play was ruined when Landon Dickerson was illegally a bit downfield. On 3rd and 13, the Hurts stood in the pocket with good defense and A.J. Throws a strike at Brown. Nice throw! Hurts converted Zach Pascal on 3rd-and-3. Pascal had a third-down conversion last week in Detroit; He is a factor in those situations. Two plays later, Hurts ran it through contact for a touchdown. Strong opening driver. A different line on the Eagles’ extra point where they had to repeat the extra point because the “Vikings assistants” were on the field. How is that not fine? The Vikings were penalized for being offsides … but the Eagles refused the flag instead of trying to go for two points from the 1-yard line. Eagles 7, Vikings 0.
  • The Vikings’ first drive was a three-and-out when Darius Slay overthrew a Kirk Cousins ​​pass to Justin Jefferson. Jefferson wanted a pass interference call, but the refs didn’t give it to him. Slay quickly grabs Jefferson’s hand … but the notes aren’t always going to call it that. Nick Siriani was fired up and ran down to celebrate with the safety after the stop.
  • An offensive pass interception on DeVonta turned a 3rd-and-2 into a 3rd-and-12. Hurts was sacked from behind after grabbing the ball to force a punt. Jalen Rekor drew boos when he lined up to return the Eagles’ first punt … and then drew cheers after being tackled by Zech McPhearson for a gain of just one yard.
  • The Vikings got it on 3rd-and-5 and James Bradberry threw a third down to Irv Smith. Strong start for Jonathan Cannon’s defense.
  • The Eagles were called for a fourth offensive penalty on their third drive. It was their third unfit man, Isaac Chiumalo, who was called guilty.

Second quarter

  • Hurts threw deep to a wide-open Quez Watkins, who was freed by a Viking safety, erratically helping Goedert instead of staying with the speedy wide receiver. Eagles 14, Vikings 0.
  • Jalen Rekor jet sweep for a 17-yard gain on 3rd-and-1 … and cheers from the crowd at the link. The Vikings drove into the red zone and Hassan Reddick, who dropped into coverage against backup tight end Johnny Mundt, allowed a 17-yard reception to set up 1st-and-goal at the 2-yard line. Cousins ​​then hit Irv Smith with a short pass for the score. Reddick certainly feels like a waste in coverage. Eagles 14, Vikings 7.
  • The Eagles had a 3rd-and-12, and Hurts ran out of bounds short of the marker, but a Vikings illegal contact penalty helped them on new downs. On the Hurts’ first incompletion, Goedert closed tight and almost made a catch, but Cameron Tandlzer threw the ball out. A great defensive play to break up a good throw in a tight window. Hurts’ third down pass was completed short of the sticks to force a punt. Second offensive run of a scoreless night.
  • DJ Edwards forced a Cousins ​​third-down pass over the middle for a three-and-out.
  • The Hurts hit Devonta over the middle on back-to-back plays for gains of 19 and 16 yards. Then Boston Scott took the draw for 16 yards. Sanders then took the draw for nine yards. Facing a 3rd and 2, Hurts picked up the run…but not just for a first down. Instead of going out, Harrison followed up Goeddert’s nice lead block on Smith and then drove through contact to extend it for a touchdown. Very impressive stuff! Eagles 21, Vikings 7.
  • Josh Sweat sacks Cousins ​​… but grabs his mask to clear the sack. uterus Cousins ​​was almost picked off on a deep throw that appeared to be under pressure…but it ended up deep to Irv Smith. What a break. Especially for CJ Gardner-Johnson. Cousins’ third down pass fell incomplete to bring up another stop. It is strange that the ball was not intentionally grounded when no one was near it. The refs said Dalvin Cook was in the area, but he wasn’t. Everything.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 5-yard line with 1:14 left in the second quarter. Hurts threw the ball with good touch to a soft spot to find Devonta. Hurts hit Goedert on a 19-yard catch-and-run down the left sideline. Not sure why the Vikings left him so open. Hurts fires another pass over the middle to Goedert, another high throw. That completion set up a 38-yard field goal from Jake Elliott. Getting some points on that drive and turning it into a three-possession game was huge. It’s hard to get too impressed with Hurts! Eagles 24, Vikings 7.

In the third quarter

  • The Vikings opened the second half with a formal drive into the red zone. But then Javon Hargrave hit Cousins, who forced a bad throw that was blocked by Darius Slay! After the pick, Slay ran to the field seats and celebrated by handing the ball to James Harden. Philadelphia fan fiction comes to life.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 19-yard line and drove to 3rd-and-5 from the Vikings’ 21-yard line. Lane Johnson’s false start set the Eagles back. The Eagles settled for a 41-yard field goal attempt … which was blocked. Credit to Arryn Siposs for making a tackle to prevent the touchdown.
  • The Vikings took over at the Eagles’ 24-yard line. And it didn’t matter, because Cousins ​​threw another pick, this one to Avonte Maddox.

Fourth quarter

  • Hurts made a good throw and Watkins hit the sideline while spinning left. Unfortunately for him, it was ruined by a holding penalty on Jordan Mailata. Eagles had to pounce.
  • The Vikings went on an 11-play, 27-yard drive (how sad) that ended with a Fletcher Cox strip-sack after the ball.
  • Hurts threw a screen pass to Cainwell that bounced off his hands and was scooped up by old friend Jordan Hicks.
  • Slay dropped a pick in the end zone. It was like his third or fourth drop of the night. Slay then grabbed the next one who went for a touchback. game.
  • The Eagles ran out some clock and then the Vikings had some garbage time production before the game was officially over. Josh Sweat sacked Cousins ​​on the final play of the game.

Final score: Eagles 24, Vikings 7.

Queue notes

  • Ques Watkins returns to take the kickoff.


  • A.J. Brown was briefly seen in the medical tent midway through the second quarter. He didn’t miss any time though.

Game preview

The Philadelphia Eagles Hosted by Minnesota Vikings in their home opener on Monday Night Football. It was a relatively big match between two 1-0 teams at Lincoln Financial Field.

Winning against the birds Detroit Lions not that as It will be as many believe. While there were many positives to take from that game, there were concerns about Philadelphia’s defense. Can Jonathan Cannon find a way to fight off a quarterback that is absolutely terrifying? Kirk Cousins ​​has been troublesome for the Birds in the past, and it’s hard to give Philly’s defensive coordinator the benefit of the doubt right now.

The Vikings are looking to follow up a big win Green Bay Packers With another strong effort. Minnesota’s defense limited the damage Aaron Rodgers could do in Week 1. If Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook prove to be challenging when they show up, the pressure could be on the Eagles’ offense to put up a lot of points.

The winner of this game feels good. They will have a 2-0 record and lay claim to being one of the best teams in the NFC. A loser may think they are good, but not good enough.

Bleeding Green Nation will be covering the game with live updates in the form of highlights, analysis etc. Update the page regularly.

(Note: This is not a game thread; it’s a live blog that turns into a game recap. Use BGN’s designated game threads to discuss what’s happening in the game each quarter. The first quarter thread is here.)

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