Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli president that he had formed a government


Benjamin Netanyahu has officially announced Israeli President Isaac Herzog has successfully formed a government, his Likud party said on Wednesday.

In a last-minute announcement, Netanyahu tweeted 10 minutes before the deadline, “I’m done.”

Netanyahu, who had already been prime minister for 15 years until his ouster last year, was given until midnight local time Wednesday (5 pm ET) to form a government following the Nov. 1 election.

The new Israeli government will be the most right-wing in Israeli history, including ministerial appointees who were once considered to be on the ultra-nationalist fringes of Israeli politics.

Members of Netanyahu’s Likud party are expected to fill the most important cabinet posts, such as foreign minister, defense minister and justice minister.

Itamar Ben Ghir, head of the Jewish Power Party, will take on a newly expanded public security role, renamed minister of national security, overseeing policing in Israel and some police operations in the occupied West Bank.

Bezalel Smodrich, head of the Religious Zionist Party, has been named finance minister, although he has been given the power to appoint the head of an Israeli military organization whose duties include handling border crossings and permits for Palestinians.

Aryeh Deri, head of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, is expected to serve as interior minister and health minister, while United Torah Judaism, the other ultra-Orthodox party in the five-party coalition, is expected to serve. Minister of Housing.

Not all ministerial posts were announced till Wednesday evening.

Special legislation must be passed in the coming days before Terry, Ben Quir and Smodrich take office. A law should be passed for Terry so that he can serve as a minister even if he has a criminal conviction for tax offences.

As Ben Gvir expands the powers normally given to the Minister of Public Security, Smodrich needs a new law giving him ministerial authority within the Ministry of Defense.

All three parts of the law have been seen as controversial, and have had voices beyond Netanyahu’s political opposition speaking out against them, including security officials.

The new government must be sworn in within a week of the announcement of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, by January 2.

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