Jets’ Robert Saleh won’t accept Zach Wilson as QB Sunday

FLORHAM PARK, NJ — New York Jets coach Robert Saleh is holding back on his commitment. Zach WilsonSet up a possible quarter shift this week.

Saleh wouldn’t commit Monday if the 2021 second overall pick would start Sunday against the Chicago Bears, three weeks after Wilson barred an injury and would be the starter for the rest of the season.

It marked the first hint of doubt from the organization about Wilson’s No. 1 quarterback status.

“We have everything on the table in the next couple of days,” Saleh said.

Asked if he was ready to name Wilson as this week’s starter, he said, “Not right now, not until we’ve evaluated everything.”

Wilson was informed of his condition by coaches.

Mike White Next up on the depth chart Joe Flacco, Wilson started the first three games as he recovered from an earlier knee injury. Saleh hasn’t ruled out the quarterback as a potential replacement.

Wilson is 5-2 as a starter, but he has played poorly in two of his last three games — both losses to the New England Patriots. He completed just nine of 22 passes for 77 yards in Sunday’s 10-3 loss. After that, he took some responsibility for the comments that went viral. Asked if he had let his defense down, Wilson simply said, “No. No.”

Sources said some defensemen were upset by the comments.

It is clear that Salah was not happy with the way Wilson handled his post-match press conference.

“Is it wrong? Of course,” Saleh said. “Will he be fine? Absolutely.”

He said Wilson needs to understand that “it’s our job to take the bullets and own it,” and “I don’t think he’s indicative of how he feels about his team or his teammates.”

Wilson’s poor performance was discussed in a team meeting on Monday, a source said. Saleh said all performances — good and bad — are addressed in board meetings.

At 6-4, the Jets are still in the playoff hunt, but they haven’t gotten much production from Wilson. He has just four touchdown passes, one fewer than Flacco, who hasn’t played since Week 3.

Saleh emphasized that every position will be evaluated, not just the quarterback.

“When you put up 100 yards of offense [actually, 103]I don’t care how good New England is — they’re good — it’s unacceptable,” Saleh said. “This is not NFL football.”

The offensive performance in the second half (2 total yards) was “dog s—,” Saleh said after the game. Saleh said Monday that he has no plans to replace playcaller, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

Wilson came under fire after throwing three interceptions on Oct. 30 against the Patriots, but he responded well with a solid performance in the upset of the Buffalo Bills.

But Sunday’s performance was a big step backwards. recipients Garrett Wilson And Denzel Mims were clearly frustrated during the game, and Garrett Wilson Zach lashed out at reporters, saying he was “sorry” for the offense without mentioning Wilson by name.

“I think we’ve got a championship-caliber defense, and I think we’ve got great players,” Saleh said. “I think from a schematic standpoint, we’re right there with everybody. But I’m trying to evaluate to see how we can chip away at this offense a little bit.”

Wilson ranks 23rd in total QBR (45.2) and 34th among 34 passers in completion percentage (55.6). All three players available to the media on Monday expressed confidence in Wilson. Wilson asked the guard his confidence level Lagan Tomlinson He said, “That’s high. He’s our quarterback. What do you say?”

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