Rowe V. Wade decision and abortion rights news

Stacy Abrams speaks during a campaign event on June 4 in Reynolds, Georgia. (Dustin Chambers / Bloomberg / Getty Images)

Stacy Abrams, candidate for governor of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Rowe V. Following the Supreme Court ruling on Wade, he called for a legal solution to restore access to abortion nationwide, saying, “It is wrong to allow every state to determine the quality of your citizenship.

Georgia has its own regulated abortion law, which prohibits abortion when a “fetal heartbeat” is detected at six weeks of pregnancy. Unlike states with so-called trigger laws, such a Supreme Court ruling is designed to come into effect soon. Released, Georgia’s law had already been passed and signed by Republican Governor Brian Kempball, but was later suspended by federal courts as unconstitutional.

But now that the Supreme Court model has been overturned, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta is expected to enact the law soon.

“Women deserve physical autonomy, the right to make these choices,” Abrams told CNN’s Jack Tapper in “The State of the Union”, “especially in Georgia, in a few more days, this six-week ban will be imposed. It’s the law of the land. That’s wrong. As the next governor, I’m going to do everything I can to change that.

Abrams said President Biden should “do what the administrator sees fit”, but stressed the need for a “legislative solution that restores women constitutional protection no matter what state they live in.”

“I believe there must be a federal law that allows women to have these choices and access to reproductive choice and reproductive justice. Abrams added.

Abrams advised businesses to consider the health care challenges Georgia staff face when the 6-week abortion ban begins, and abortion controls will be harder if Republican Gov. Brian Kemp wins another term.

“I will tell every profession and every woman to do the best for the women who work for them. They need to make sure they accommodate the real health challenges women in Georgia face, ”Abrams said.

He added that Georgia has refused to expand medical care and has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country, reiterating that citizens and businesses should “consider very seriously the risk that Brian Kemp poses to the lives and welfare of women in this state”.

Kemp has already shown his “ambiguity” about birth control, and Abrams said it is “extremely dangerous for women in Georgia right now” because laws governing birth control are expected to be the next step for Republicans across the country.

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