Russell Wilson struggles, but has a clutch drive to lead Broncos over 49

It took a long time, but finally Denver Broncos I could feel better about them Russell Wilson Trade.

Not great, but at least better than they felt without the late surge that led to a win.

The Broncos had scored five points in the fourth quarter and were staring at a 1-2 start to the season when Wilson had his best drive with Denver. It happened in his 12th quarter with Denver, which took longer than Broncos fans would have liked, but at least it happened.

Wilson made some plays with his legs, made a couple of nice throws and Melvin Gordon scored to give the Broncos the lead with 4:10 left. The 49ers Turned it over twice after that and the Broncos, led by defense and a decent offensive drive at the end of a bad night, An ugly 11-10 win.

The Broncos’ offense has a lot to fix. There are legitimate questions about head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s play-calling and whether Wilson’s talent has faded at age 33. It was often a bad night. Imagine if it didn’t succeed.

Russell Wilson had a rough night

Before that run in the fourth quarter, the Broncos’ offense was woeful. Denver worked every yard. Wilson hasn’t really struggled long since arriving in the NFL, but he had a rough start in the fourth quarter of his third game. Denver had nine three-and-outs, and even though the 49ers were terrific on defense, that was inexcusable.

The drive came later that epitomized the Broncos’ offensive struggles and Wilson’s struggles Jimmy Garoppolo Dropped back out of the end zone for a safety. The Broncos trailed 7-5.

The Broncos were conservative on that possession. Except for one long pass on that drive that resulted in a holding penalty, all were short passes or runs. The Broncos got to the 49ers’ 41-yard line, ran twice, and then Wilson missed badly on a wide-open pass. Jerry Jedi Third down. Brandon McManus He missed a field goal to add to the Broncos’ woes.

was saying The Broncos didn’t trust Wilson at the time. In that case, Judy was not helped by a very bad miss.

In the fourth quarter, the Broncos were in their own territory facing fourth and inches. Hackett decided to punt rather than give his $245 million QB a chance to complete a short pass or take a step forward.

Then Wilson came alive. Played with his feet. He scrambled around to find Kendall Hinton downfield for 27 yards on a third-down play. On another third down, he found a route and ran 12 yards for a first down. They were scenes of Wilson becoming a star Seattle Seahawks. A great back-shoulder pass Courtland Sutton That set up the Broncos at the 5-yard line and Gordon scored two plays later.

For all the Broncos’ troubles, they held the lead with just over four minutes to go. Garoppolo will have two more chances to answer.

Russell Wilson and the Broncos struggled for most of the win against the 49ers. (Photo by Aaron Ontiveros/The Denver Post)

Jimmy Garoppolo led off with a hit

Garoppolo had a chance to run a big drive. In his defense, when he Out of the back of the end zoneThe Broncos’ 11-10 lead was the difference.

Garoppolo completed a huge third-and-3 Javon Jennings It was almost taken. Instead it was a first down. Then Garoppolo threw an interception. He pushed into traffic Thibo SamuelIt popped up into the air and into the linebacker Jonas Griffith Picked it up with 2:06 remaining. It was Garoppolo’s worst decision.

Garoppolo made the second shot after another Broncos three-and-out. The Broncos rallied and punted, letting Wilson attempt a third-and-9 inside the two-minute warning. The 49ers were on their own 15-yard line with 1:42 left. After a sack, running back Jeff Wilson stripped the running back of a catch and the Broncos fumbled, sealing the win.

Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan argued the Broncos were offside before the play that ended with Wilson’s fumble, but the officials disagreed.

Neither team looked good on Sunday night. Garoppolo’s defense ended up being a big factor. Two 49ers turnovers late in the game summed up how both offenses played. At least the Broncos came out victorious.

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