T-Mobile has been happily selling the usage habits of its customers to advertisers

T-Mobile’s advertising business offers a new way of marketing the habit of using your app. Advertising Exchanger Un-Carrier’s new program called Insights, and it is now fully operational Spends a year in beta. The program allows third-party marketers to purchase T-Mobile customer data and centers around a key piece of information with personal access: the applications you use.

Customer data is anonymized and linked to others with similar interests and behaviors so companies can not purchase a particular user’s usage history. Still, it’s scary. Company Advertising Division This offering speaks loudly and clearly on its website, The phrase “applications speak louder than words” splashed over the page. It calls on prospective clients to “improve application intelligence, which is a strong indicator of consumer intent”. That’s the whole point. Fortunately, you can opt out.

Ah, that old proverb.
Image: T-Mobile Advertising Solutions

T-Mobile Provides Android And iOS application Called the “Magenta Marketing Platform Choices”, it allows you to see which companies have your data and opt out altogether. You can use it too Application choices If you do not like it, you know Download the T-Mobile app Stay away from T-Mobile App Tracking. According to Advertising Exchange, IOS users will be excluded from the program even if Apps Tracking is selected.

This kind of Creepy behavior from carriers Not new, and it is unlikely to come out better. With Companies like Google And Apple Marketers are looking for different ways to view your online habits, allowing people to avoid being tracked too easily. Wireless carriers have jumped on the bandwagon to provide that information, and only T-Mobile is the latest to do so.

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