Tampa Bay Lightning denied three beats by the Colorado Avalanche, but stubbornly said ‘this is not the end of our run’

TAMPA, Fla. – Tampa Bay Lightning has dropped to less than the first Stanley Cup three-beat since 1983 – but they do not believe their dynasty has disintegrated.

“Who said we’re done? This center is here. We fought. We overcame everything you think, and most likely, we’ve found a way to get to the top,” Lightning said. Captain Steven Stamkos After his team 2-1 defeat Colorado Avalanche in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final on Sunday night.

After 2001, Avalanche won their first Stanley Cup. They wanted to win the trophy as the playoffs started and wanted to win this series.

“It’s not like we’ve lost some powder puff. It’s a preschool team out there,” Tampa Bay coach John Cooper said. “We never had ice at home. We played all of these star-studded teams. They found a way. We still ran over a brick wall and we could not overcome this.”

Cooper agreed with Stamkos that the lightning flow did not end with the avalanche. Over the past eight years, Lightning has reached six conference finals and advanced to the Stanley Cup final four times.

“The playoff series is over. But this is not the end of our run,” Cooper said. “I’m so lucky to have won championships at various stages in my coaching career, you’re the team that you remember. Sometimes, you do not remember a team not winning. But I think. Remember this team a lot. Is well documented and you should see what happens [with injuries]. “

The lightning star was without center Brighton Point, He suffered in Game 7 against the Toronto Maple Leafs on May 14th. He missed the previous two rounds with a minor physical injury. Point played in the first two games against Colorado, and he did not appear in other games. Series. Forward Anthony Cyrelli And Defender Eric Chernak He played through injuries like many other players.

“When the injury report comes out, you will be shocked,” Tampa Bay went on to say Pat Maroon Said. “I’m so proud of them for what they’ve done for the last three years. We ran into a hell. We fell so low.”

Lightning enters the season with a few free agents including Clutch Winger Ontrage BalletBusiness Timeline Pickup Nick Paul And standard defensive player John Rutta. But the team’s key spot is in the contract for 2022-23.

Whether they bid for three trophies in four seasons or not, Cooper said the team belongs to the best teams in NHL history.

“These are right up there with the islanders and oilmen of the 1980s. The teams you’ve been talking about for decades,” he said.

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