The attorney general’s plan to thwart Trump’s election includes firing the acting attorney general

A lawyer with deep ties to conservative groups and conspiracy theorists, he pitched several radical ideas to then-President Trump to change the outcome of the 2020 elections. Document Retrieved from The New York Times.

Why it matters: In the memo, William Olsen acknowledged that his proposed plans could be considered tantamount to declaring “martial law” and comparable to Watergate.

  • His plans include destabilizing the judiciary and removing the acting attorney general 28 December memo entitled “Protection of Constitutional Order”..
  • The New York Times writes that the document highlights how Trump has turned to extreme, right-wing figures outside the White House to pursue his ambitions to cling to power. Many of his official advisers have told him those options are either impossible or illegal.

details: The New York Times reports that Trump continues to seek serious legal advice against the DOJ’s recommendations.

  • According to the memo, Olson suggested that the DOJ would make a direct recommendation to the Supreme Court to reverse Trump’s failure.
  • He encouraged Trump to fire or reappoint Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen unless he uses the DOJ to challenge the election in court. Olson acknowledged that doing so would attract negative media coverage.

Background: Olsen currently represents conspiracy theorist and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Allowed on election case.

  • Olson has ties to Republican super PACs Promoted a conspiracy theory Kamala Harris is ineligible to be Vice President, falsely claiming she is not a natural born US citizen.

What they say: “Our small team of attorneys is working on a memorandum that explains what you can do,” Olson wrote in his memo to Trump.

  • “The media will call this martial law… it’s ‘fake news,'” Olsen wrote.

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