Trump ally Doug Mastriano’s Jan. 6 panel appearance ends with no questions answered, source says

Mastriano’s lawyer cut off the virtual appearance soon after it began, the source said. His attorney, Tim Parladore, took issue with several procedural issues related to the deposition and raised questions about the legality of the subpoena Mastriano received from the board.

“We were there for 15 minutes. It was clear that the committee was unable to comply with the norms regarding the exercise of the power of deposit and was not interested in complying with the norms,” ​​Parladore said. “If we can reach a resolution on whether they can do that fairly and legally, or how to do a voluntary interview that minimizes the risk of election interference, we’re happy to provide the information.”

Mastriano is the GOP gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania and has been a central player supporting former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Mastriano was among a crowd of Trump supporters on the Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021 during the riot, although he did not enter the Capitol and was not charged with any crimes.

CNN previously reported Mastriano’s appearance was expected to be brief and ineffective, as Mastriano’s camp and team were deadlocked over whether Mastriano could independently videotape or record his appearance.

A spokesman for the group declined to comment on Mastriano’s appearance.

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