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Henry Cavill May not be wearing a red cape, but he’s got a new gig.

actor, officially on Wednesday Hung up his Man of Steel cape After Warner Bros. announced that it was a The new Superman movement Thanks to the heads of DC Studio James Gunn And Peter Safran is attached to star and executive produce a series adaptation Warhammer 40,000A popular sci-fi fantasy miniatures wargame set in Amazon.

Amazon is in final negotiations for the rights to the Games Workshop-produced game, after months of negotiations that have blocked rival companies from acquiring the rights.

Although Vertigo Entertainment is attached to executive produce, no writers or showrunners are attached.

Warhammer like a Dungeons & Dragons – involves playing dice – but also features complex miniatures that players can move around a model-structured battlefield or world. In the 1980s Games Workshop produced miniatures DD And introduced the game in 1987. It grew into the world’s most popular miniatures wargame and spawned many imitators.

The game’s setting is 40,000 years in the future where things are really bleak. Human civilization has stopped progressing and is at endless war with aliens and magical beings, gods and demons have evolved into a theological class system.

Humans form the Imperium of Man, and they are militarists. A race of skeleton-like androids known as the Nekron; There is an Elvish race known as the Aeldari and the Orcs; Tyranids are bad foreigners; And the T’au are a blue-skinned alien race that might offer some hope.

Cavil is known as a Warhammer Figures of fan and paints. Because the project is in its early stages — and, to reiterate, Amazon hasn’t closed the deal yet — this isn’t Cavill’s next gig, he recently announced. Leaving his lead role On Netflix The Witcher.

But it’s an ambitious move for Amazon, and it could combine elements of sci-fi and fantasy and a cast of human and non-human characters to deliver a show on an epic scale.

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