Warriors vs.. Celtics score, takeaways: Stephen Curry leads Golden State to fourth NBA title in eight years

For the fourth time in eight years, the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics 103-90 in the sixth match of the NBA Final on Thursday night at TD Garden to become the NBA Champion. After trailing 14-2 to start the game, the Warriors finally controlled things, thanks to a 30-8 run that extended from the end of the first quarter to the second.

The Celtics were finally able to reduce the deficit to single digits in the fourth quarter, with Stephen Curry and the Warriors not going to deny another championship as they had a response to every run Boston extended. Eventually, Curry, once again, led the way to the Golden State at the end of the attack. He finished the series winning with 34 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, adding another chapter to his already upstairs career. Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Tremond Green and Clay Thompson doubled the lead, giving the remaining Warriors plenty of help with the charcoal.

At the other end, the Celtics were led by Jaylan Brown, who did everything he could with 34 points, seven rebounds and three assists, but unfortunately for the Boston fans, it was not enough to extend their game by one season. Going forward, the Celtics front office will have to find a way to push this group over the hump, but tonight the warriors are about to expand their dynasty.

1. Curry captures the elusive Finals MVP

No wonder it is called the name of the curry Bill Russell Finals MVP Award winner. Even less surprising is that he was unanimously chosen to succeed. How much Curry dominated the six-game series. His 43-point thrust in Game 4 was the only reason the Warriors won and tied the series in two games. Without every bucket he made in that game, the Warriors could have fallen 3-1 in this series, and today we are in a very different situation.

Throughout the series, the Warriors struggled to get consistent production from the likes of Clay Thompson, Tremond Green and Jordan Poole, but the curry was consistent with every win and loss. Not only did his scoring help lift the Warriors to the title, but the force of gravity he has whenever he is on the ground also makes him very dangerous. Since he is life threatening as he crosses the Hofcourt, he draws more attention from the defense, which opens up scoring opportunities from other guys on the ground. The Celtics were forced to make tough decisions on defense throughout the series, such as doubling the curry or playing straight, showing drop coverage on the big-and-rolls or fighting over the screens. That mess all led to buckets of curry And His teammates.

Despite being the obvious nominee for the Curry Award, winning it was the turning point in his career as the first Finals MVP. Despite the prospective Hall of Fame Guard having two regular season MVP awards to his name and now four championships under his belt, he has never won a Finals MVP in any of the last three rings the Warriors have won. In 2015 Andre Iguodola won the honor again, while Kevin Durant won it again in 2017 and 2018.

But this time it was undeniably all curry and he finished it off with a signature performance in Game 6, where he went 34-point, seven assists, seven-to-6 at 11 from a deep track. This is the fourth time Curry has scored more than 30 points in the series, which puts him at 32.5 career points per game in the title-cleansing games. It ranks second in close-knit title games in NBA history, second only to Michael Jordan. According to ESPN statistics and information.

2. The Warriors showed how much they scare a team

Although the Warriors beat the Celtics in Game 2 of this series, we never saw a version of the Warriors that could punish their opponent in this series. The Celtics took their own place on several occasions against the Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals, as well as in the first round against the Denver Nuggets, but mostly against this powerful Warriors team.

It was until Thursday night. In all but six minutes of Game 6, the Warriors put on a stellar performance on both sides of the field, surpassing the Celtics. At one point in the second quarter, Golden State Went 21-0 To completely change the pace of the game. This gave the Warriors a 15-point lead and they never looked back from that point. That run was the longest run in the finals game in the league in the last 50 years. The previous high was 20-0 … and by the Warriors during the 2019 final against the Raptors.

That 21-0 run included this descent Warriors team. A team that prides itself on the mantra of “strength in numbers”. The curry not only went to work but also stimulated that flow. During that run five different Warriors players hit buckets and seduced the Celtics. The depth and unselfishness of the ball is what makes this Warriors team so hard to beat, and it was shown in Game 6.

3. The Celtics could not get out of their own way … again

If you want to see a statistic to see why the Celtics lost this game, look at how they turned the ball 22 times. In context, Boston’s two games in the series had an average of 12 turnovers in those matches. In the previous three defeats, he averaged 17 turnovers per game. Although some teams can cope with those trends, the Celtics are not one of them in this series. The worst part of this is that their turnovers are many unforced errors where guys like Marcus Smart, Jaylan Brown and Jason Tottam were careless when driving the ball to the edge or panicked when the defense pressured them.

Beyond turnover, the Celtics actually struggled until the fourth quarter in response to the Warriors runs, which was a bit late. Tottenham scored just three points in the second half after scoring 11 points in the first half, while Smart scored 4 points out of 12 for nine, and their bench made a total of six points. Brown is the only Celtic player, but his 34 points alone are not enough to overtake the Warriors team playing their best basketball in real time.

Although it will be a tough pill to swallow next season, the Celtics will be in the mix of championship rivals again next season. It was a team that started to catch fire just in time for the second half of the season, and throughout the playoffs they overcame adversity on several occasions to get here. Even if they do not get the desired result, this experience will help them better prepare for the next season.

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